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Hi, I’m Brittani Grace!

Healthy Lifestyle~ Bachelors in Health Science~ Personal Trainer~

I’ve had a love for food and nutrition for a long time now. When I mean a long time, I mean a really really long time. At my first birthday party I pushed aside my own birthday cake to reach the broccoli. My parents were shocked at this, obviously. I have to admit, at this point in my life I’m shocked too. I mean c’mon? Who would give up sweets for broccoli? It all really started in high school though, when I gained a few unwanted pounds. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been overweight. I’ve always had an athletic build and it’s usually pretty hard for me to gain weight. I took advantage of that though and came to the realization that I could actually gain weight (Duh!). It freaked me out! Thus, starting my journey to a healthy lifestyle.  Around that time in my life I wasn’t what I would call the most healthy person. I dove into many diets and fads going on at the time and solely had the purpose of losing weight. As I did more research and time went on, I realized that life was all about BALANCE. You will hear me talk about balance a lot on my blog and for a good reason. Balance is important not only in diet, but in life. Finding a balance between things we encounter will open us up to a happier and healthier life style. Whether the balance is between healthy or junk food, exercise or resting, working or taking a break, doing the laundry or watching another episode of that Netflix show you have been binging lately. Taking care of our body is important and that means finding our balance that gives us exactly what we are looking for. So, let me help you find that balance and begin your healthy lifestyle.

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