5 Benefits of Drinking Water

Let’s Talk H2O: The Importance of Water and 5 Benefits You Get From Drinking It!

Okay, I’m sure this topic has been beaten like a dead horse and for good reason. A whopping 60% of our bodies are made up of water! No wonder our bodies shut down after a night of getting plastered. The answer is to just give up drinking. Okay, I couldn’t even write that without laughing to myself. Giving up drinking is obviously not ideal. Instead, I’ll just give you my 5 benefits of drinking water and my top tips for getting in more water throughout the day. 

Why Drink Water? 5 Benefits of Drinking Water. 

My top five reasons why water is amazing…
1. Boosts Skin Health

C’mon ladies, who doesn’t want better skin? Our skin serves as one giant barrier that helps prevent fluid loss. When we drink more water, we help our skin do it’s job. Just like everything else in our body, our skin is made up of cells. These skin cells need water to function properly. Long story short: more water= properly functioning skin cells = glowing and elastic skin.

2. A Happy Digestion System

Think of your gastrointestinal tract as one big water slide! Now, image trying to scoot your butt down that slide without the water there to help. That’s exactly what water does for our digestion. It helps regulate our bowel movements and push everything along.

3. Bye Bye Toxins!

Water also helps to flush away toxins and waste from our body. What happens is, water aids in delivering toxins to our kidneys. Then, our kidney’s rid us of those toxins. Without water, our kidneys wouldn’t get the toxins and they would just build up in our body. Ew!

4. Hello Nutrients!

Same concept here, you guys! Water helps deliver nutrients from food we consume to different parts of our body.

5. Prevents Kidney Failure

We already know that water is essential to the way kidneys function from the information above. Why this is important to me you ask. Okay, maybe no one’s asking, but I’m going to tell you anyway. KIDNEY STONES! For anyone that doesn’t know what these are, they are little balls of calcium and oxalate that form in your kidneys. They are also the DEVIL! When they decide to leave your kidney, they travel down this tiny tube called your urethra. While traveling down the urethra this kidney stone is scraping and tearing the inside walls of your urethra. Let me tell ya, this is no walk in the park. I’ve had a kidney stone pass before and it was by far the most painful thing I’ve ever experience. The best way to describe it is if someone came up behind you and stabbed you in the back with a knife. I wish I was exaggerating. One of the best ways you can prevent this from happening to you is, you guessed it, drink water!

There are so many other benefits to drinking water too, such as, it regulates blood pressure, provides lubrication for the joints, delivers oxygen throughout the body, and regulates body temperature.

My Best Tips for Drinking More Water

1. Add Some Fruit

I have met people that say they just don’t like water. If you’re one of these people or just bored of water, add some fruit! It’s just spices up your water a little bit and makes it more fun to drink. Some good fruit infused water combinations are:

Mint, Lemon, and Cucumber

Berries and Basil

Strawberries, Lemon, and Basil

Watermelon, Kiwi, and Strawberries

Raspberries and Lemon

Check out this water diffuser that you can find on amazon. I use it a lot during the summer and get amazing flavor.

2. Use Straws

Straws are my number one friend! I don’t know what it is about straws, but it makes drinking water so much easier. If I’m using a straw, I can gulp down a 24 Oz glass of water in no time. Don’t worry my environment friends, I don’t buy plastic straws. I have several cups that came with a reusable straw. Camelback water bottles are also a great alternative. These water bottles come with a built in straw that you chew to release water. It’s very satisfying. Check out these metal straws I use on the daily!

3. Water Tracker App

I have a water tracker app called, well, Water Tracker. There are hundreds of water tracker apps out there though, so take your pick. Being able to track your water and know where you’re at throughout the day, can be really motivational.

So, let’s do a recap shall we. Water has numerous benefits, is awesome, and drinking it can be fun. Do I need to say more? Didn’t think so.

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