3 Tips on How to Feed Picky Eaters

Help Those Picky Eaters Get a Little More Adventurous. Plus, a Recipe Freebie Below!

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Okay, anyone that knows me knows that I’m married to the man of my dreams. Nicholas is everything I’ve ever wanted in a husband and more. Yes, more! I actually remember telling my sister one day when deep in conversation about our future weddings, that my husband must be tall ✔️ have dark hair ✔️ and be funny ✔️. I’m a very lucky girl! Okay, get to the point Brittani and stop bragging about your awesome husband. The point is, cooking for someone is hard work! I’m sure mothers know this more than anyone. I feel your pain, because my husband has the palate of a twelve year old. When we first met he was in college and living off of pop tarts and cereal. Right away I knew this was a habit of his I wanted him to kick. I didn’t start lecturing him about the the importance of micro and macronutrients and how he was eating way too much added sugar, because obviously I didn’t want to seem like some psycho and scare him off. It didn’t take me long though to start implementing parts of my diet into his. This was a slow and painful process though people. I had to fight him every step of the way. I remember him telling me one day, “I don’t like blueberries.” Well, first off that’s just nuts, who doesn’t like blueberries? Second, I asked him, “Have you ever tried them?” If I had a dollar for every time I’ve asked that question, I would be rich. I’m talking like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Warren Buffett rich. Well, of course his answer to trying blueberries was no. A few blueberries later and guess who can’t get enough of them. Jump forward 4 years and he’s a changed man and loving it. So, I thought I’d share my 3 tips on how to feed picky eaters, hopefully it works for you as well!

3 Tips on How to Feed Your Picky Eaters

1. Swap Foods

Instead of taking food away, swap the food for a healthier alternative. It’s kind of evil to just walk up to someone grab the candy bar out of their hand and walk away. Try taking the candy bar from them and handing them dark chocolate instead. This worked wonders when I was trying to get Nick to eat healthier. Instead of just taking his beloved cereal away from him I found him healthier cereal to eat than Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

2. Introduce New Foods

This is really geared towards children, but found that it worked with Nick as well (insert husbands are really like a second child joke here). Constantly introducing new food into meal time, helps people get comfortable with those new foods. It makes those foods seem less scary when repeated exposure is put into play.

3. Start with Small Portions

When we first started dating I wasn’t shoveling tomatoes into Nick’s mouth. These things take time and that has to be understood. Start with baby steps and give small portions. I started by adding small amounts of tomatoes into dishes, mixing into his food. Now, he’s okay with tomatoes and it opens us up to so many more recipe options.

I can promise you that my blog will include a lot of recipes that will be loved by picky eaters such as my husband. One recipe that he loves is Curried Chicken Fingers. I found this recipe on Food Network and I’ll link it below. Enjoy!

Recipe Freebie Alert!

I’m going to be throwing a lot of recipes your guys way, including the curried chicken fingers below. This is a great recipe to tie in with my first and second tip. This recipe swaps out fried unhealthy chicken fingers with something a little more healthy and also has them trying curry. If you like that recipe, try out one of my own, like my Healthy Black Bean Burger Recipe.

Curried Chicken Finger Recipe 👇🏼


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