See Ya Cold Symptoms!

Well, I can feel it coming. You know that feeling when you wake up and your head feels like a balloon, you can’t breathe through your nose, and your throat feels like sand paper? Unfortunately, that’s how I felt this morning. Around this time of year it’s almost impossible not to get some type of illness. I’ve already started using some of my tricks to help combat this cold. I want to share these tips with you so you’re ready the next time you wake up feeling a little under the weather.

1.) Drink Lots of Water

Okay, I know you’ve heard this a million times, but drink your water people! When I feel a cold coming on, I’m religious about drinking my water. When you drink water it helps loosen up all the mucus and help prevent congestion. I did plenty of water, herbal tea with honey, or lemon water. Avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol, because this will just dehydrate you even more.

2.) Get Some Rest

I’m one of those people that believe sleep and rest fix EVERYTHING. Your body is in a state of destress and it needs time to repair itself. When you’re laying down or sleeping you’re doing little to no work. This allows your body to focus all its energy on repairing itself.

3.) Vitamin C

Now vitamin C is not guaranteed to reduce the number of colds you have, but it can definetly help shorten the one you have. I take vitamin C when I feel a cold coming on and it almost always reduces the cold or completely gets rid of it. I take 1000mg of vitamin C in tablet form or drink a packet of  Emergen-C.

4.) Drink Tea

There is nothing I want more during a head cold than some hot tea. I take a sip and the warm liquid soothes my throat and eases my congestion, releasing pressure in my ears and face. Its a sip of magic. My favorite tea to drink during a cold is chamomile with a little bit of honey or mint.

5.) Take a Hot Shower

Oh, boy… does this do wonders! The warm steam from the shower loosens up mucus and really helps relieve congestion. Sometimes I’ll even drop a couple drops of mint essential oils in the bottom of the shower.


Stay well everyone!

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