Best Planner for 2021 to Increase Your Productivity

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I’m one of those people that just feels lost without their planner. I write everything in my planner, from my daily schedule to my life goals. I can remember when I was in college, jotting down every assignment and test date. Now, it’s more like cleaning schedules and grocery lists. No matter what you’re writing in your planner, I can promise you that it will help keep you organized and increase your productivity. This year I decided to do some research on planners to make sure I was getting one I really liked. I can’t wait to share this planner with you guys. It is by far my top pick for the best planner for 2021 to increase your productivity.

Clever Fox Planner Pro Weekly & Monthly Life Planner: Best Planner 2021 to Increase Your Productivity.

Okay you guys, the planner I chose to organize my life with this year was, Clever Fox’s Planner Pro Weekly & Monthly Life Planner. This planner is a complete game changer; it had everything I wanted and more. This planner was also featured in New York Magazine and Good House Keeping as one of the year’s top planners. After seeing the rave it was getting, I went to check it out. These were all the things I loved about this planner…

1. It’s a Large Planner

I knew right away when I was looking for a planner that I wanted one that was a large size. I’m a busy woman and need lots of room to plan all my busy woman things. The planner is 8.5″ by 11″. That’s a pretty large planner, so if you wanted something smaller, this isn’t the planner for you.

2. It Highly Focuses on Work-Life Balance

Throughout the whole planner you see how Clever Fox really wants you to succeed in every aspect of your life. Each week has a place for a habit tracker, personal to-do list, and a life balance to-do list. The life balance to-do list has a section for health & fitness, family & friends, romance, fun & recreation, personal development, and spiritual. Now a planner doesn’t have to be just for work.

3. Vision Board

Okay, I really liked this aspect and I’m sure I will have others that agree. This planner contains a vision board, which I think is so fun for the lot of us that are visual people. The vision board is two blank pages completely set aside for you to print and paste pictures onto, so you can actually visualize what you want your year to be like. For instance, say it’s a goal of yours to take a trip to Italy this year. Then, you can find some beautiful pictures of Italy and paste them on your vision board. Sometimes a picture can be more motivational than words.

4. Goals, Goals, and More Goals

You see the word, “goals” throughout this entire planner and I love it. I really enjoy how they keep you accountable for these goals. I recently heard such a great point of advice from my sister, that she heard on a podcast. Her and her husband listen to this podcast called, Bigger Pockets. The speaker said that yearly goals aren’t as useful as we believe them to be, because you can actually get a lot done in just 12 weeks. So, essentially I believe this podcaster is saying that people make these new year resolutions and then all year say, “Well, I’ve got all year to do it, I have time”. Well, before you know it, the year is up. This planner eliminates this problem. Every three months you re-evaluate your goals and make new ones or cross off accomplished ones. This way, people can make goals that should be accomplished in three months. They also have places to write your daily goals and weekly goals. Like I said, you won’t be short on goals this year.

5. Lets Review the Month

The planner has pages designated to taking a look at your previous month. Clever Fox gives you a couple of pages per month to look at everything you accomplished or the ways you fell short within the previous month. Talk about an accountability booster.

I hope you guys found this blog useful and if you’re still in need of a planner go ahead and check out Clever Fox’s 2021 Pro Planner! If you’re in need of some ideas for new year’s resolutions, check out my New Year’s Resolutions post!

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