Should You Take Your Vitamins in The Morning or Night?

Vitamin consumption: better in the morning or at night? My prediction…

My husband and I take our vitamins at night. There is no reason behind this, I think it’s just because we forget to take them less in the afternoon. In the morning you’re rushing around, trying to get out the door, and the last thing you’re thinking about is taking your gummy multivitamins. It got me thinking though, am I getting the most out of my vitamins when I take them at night? Okay, I’m making a prediction right now, before I do any research. I’m predicting that taking your vitamins in the morning, is the better bet. My theory is when we first wake up we have nothing on our stomach and our body isn’t working to digest any food in the morning. So, if we take our vitamins in the morning, our body can fully concentrate on absorbing those vitamins. Essentially delivering those nutrients to our body quicker. Again, this is just my prediction and now I’m out to find the answer, “Should you take your vitamins in the morning or night?”

Verdict Please….

So, after researching I did find that for the most part, taking your vitamins in the morning is better. A professor of Nutrition Science at Tufts University in Boston says taking your vitamins at night is not advisable. He says our digestion slows down at night time, so they might not get fully absorbed. A clinical nutritionist at NOW Foods agrees that taking your vitamins in the morning is ideal. This is because they might stimulate the digestion system or brain function throughout the day. If you take them at night, it might jump start your body’s systems and keep you up for another hour or two. Now, with that being said, apparently there are a couple vitamins you should take at night. Magnesium and Vitamin B-3 are better taken at night, because there is some research that proves it may help with better sleep.

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