Sprinkle in Some Fun! Sprinkle Pancakes

Sprinkle some fun into your pancakes!

It’s no surprise that sprinkles make everything more fun! I’ve recently got on this sprinkle kick and discovered a new place I can add these colorful little treats, my pancakes! Let me tell ya, this is a game changer. I know this is nothing new, but I guarantee a lot of you haven’t tried this yet. I love this idea because it not only makes your pancakes more fun, but adds a little more sweetness to the pancakes. In every bite of pancake you get this little sweet bite that makes your pancakes so much better!

Tips for adding sprinkles to your pancakes

1. Fold in the sprinkles

Don’t go dumping your sprinkles into your batter and turning your Kitchen Aid on high. What going to happen is, your sprinkles color will bleed into the batter, mix together, and create an ugly brown color. When I say fold in your sprinkles, in simplest terms, try not to mix the batter too much. Use a silicone spatula to gently mix the sprinkles in. No aggressive mixing needed here!

2. Pay attention to sprinkle size

There are so many different sprinkles out there. Be careful about which ones you choose. I typically choose a sprinkles size that is a small to medium size. I wouldn’t go choosing a sprinkle that is huge and the size of a pea. Then your’e just getting these huge crunchy pieces that are ruining the integrity of your pancakes.

3. Have fun with it!

I find any occasion to put sprinkles in my pancakes. I always have fun with it. I made a decent amount of Christmas pancakes this year and used red and green sprinkles. I also have Fourth of July Sprinkles and rainbow sprinkles. There is really no limit to the sprinkles colors you can choose. Have fun and pair them up with a holiday or someone’s favorite color. I find a lot of my sprinkles on Amazon. They have so many options and I can even get them in bulk if I need. I love jimmies and Amazon has a huge container of Hoosier Hill Farm Rainbow jimmies that has lasted me forever! I also like these Wilton rainbow jimmies because they separate the colors. This gives you the option mixing them for that rainbow effect or mix your favorite colors. Wilton also has more options within the link I listed above, such as, Christmas, Valentines, galaxy, spring, travel, tropical, and many more!

If you haven’t tried adding sprinkles to your pancakes, I implore you to try! If you’re someone that’s looking for a healthier breakfast recipe, check out my Healthy Spinach Avocado Smoothie Recipe!

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