I’m Back!

After, a decent leave of absence, I’m excited to announce, I’m back! My life has been so wonderful to me lately and I’ve been blessed with many new changes. As I’m sure most of us know though, with new changes, comes new craziness. Let me explain a little bit of what my life has been like lately, it might give a better understanding of why I’ve been MIA on my blog lately.

Our Sweet Baby Girl

My husband and I have a brand new addition to our family, our sweet baby girl. Our first child, Sophia Lane Newton was born on October 6th, 2021. Our life got a little hectic preparing for this little blessing and I remember saying, “As soon as Sophia is born and I’m on maternity leave I’ll have a lot more time and get back to writing.” What a joke. Between me feeling like a giant bag of crap after my c-section, feeding, changing, putting my child to sleep, and cleaning my house, all I wanted to do was plop on the couch and watch Netflix. Having a newborn is no joke my friends. I’ve been slowly adjusting to this new way of life though and have finally found A LITTLE time to start writing again. I can’t wait to start integrating my little bundle of joy in my blog, so look for adorable pictures that are sure to make you go, “Awww…”.

A New Job

I recently started a new job as a third grade teacher. I spent a lot of the summer preparing my classroom for all my kiddos. As a new teacher I wasn’t starting out with a lot of materials, so it took me awhile to get the classroom looking the way it does now. Oy vey, is there is a lot of prep work that goes into starting a new school year. Once the school year started I found myself getting busy with grading, lesson planning and of course, teaching. After, taking care of 24 children all day and creating one of my own at the same time, I found myself yet again, on the couch watching Netflix.

Let’s Get Writing!

Adjusting to my new schedule has given me a little more free time to start writing again. Then again, I’m sure with a baby this schedule will change again shortly. I’m beyond excited to get back to writing new posts and sharing fun content with you guys! You’ll not only find some of my old topics such as lifestyle, product reviews, health tips, and recipes, but also new content relating to anything baby! If you have a preference to what you like to read about, please leave me a comment below or message me. Glad to be back and sharing with all of you!

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