The Easiest Way to Make Crepes

Want breakfast in a flash? This is the easiest way to make crepes!

I’m obsessed with crepes, I honestly think it might be one of my top ten breakfast foods. That’s hard to accomplish too, because I love all breakfast food. Naturally though, I want the crepes RIGHT NOW and don’t want a huge hassle when it comes to making my breakfast. Over the years, I have found what I believe is the easiest way to make crepes. I can’t say that it’s correct from a professional chef’s standpoint, but it gets the job done and the results are fantastic. If you want to learn the easiest way to make crepes, tips, tools, and great recipes, keep reading!

The Easiest Way to Make Crepes and Tips to Do It.

1. Use a NutriBullet

This is my number one tip to making easy crepes. If you have a NutriBullet or some type of small blender/food processor, whip it out! I simply add all of my wet ingredients and blend just until combined. I then add my flour and blend again. Voila! That is literally all there is to it.

Here is the link to my NutriBullet, which I love. I not only use it for crepes, but so many other things. Mainly my morning green smoothie.

3. Let the Batter Rest… For a Minute

If you read a lot of crepe recipes it wants you to rest your batter for up to an hour. When you let your batter rest, it gives it time for all the air bubbles to pop, making it less likely for tearing while flipping them. If you are someone that’s impatient (like me), I have a little advice. I’ve tried making crepes with batter that I only let sit for 15 minutes. I did find through trial and error that your crepes will rip if you are not careful. What I did to avoid this and the hour wait time was, use my largest spatula. It seems like such an obvious solution, but it works! When I switched to my larger spatula, I had no tears whatsoever and only had to wait 15 minutes for my batter to rest.

3. Use a Large Skillet

One of the biggest time consuming problems I have while doing crepes or even pancakes is, I don’t have a large enough skillet. Even on my biggest skillet, I only fry one crepe at a time. When I’m making crepes for the whole family, it turns into a whole process. This is why I highly suggest investing in a large griddle. It can be one that occupies two burners on your stove at once or an electric one you can place on the counter. I’ll link both below.

4. Pipe the Filling

I usually reach for crepes with a sweet filling instead of savory. I fill my crepes with my vanilla cinnamon filling, which I will post soon. The first time I filled my crepes with this filling, I tried to smooth it on with a knife. Big mistake. It was impossible to smooth and took forever. After that, I found that piping the filing onto the crepe was a million times easier. It took my about 3 minutes to pipe and close all the crepes. Don’t feel like you need some fancy piping kit to accomplish this, I usually just use a zip bloc bag and cut one of the corners of the bag. Here is a video to show you how to do it!

Hope you guys enjoyed these tips to help you make the easiest crepes! If you like simply breakfast recipes check out my Simple Avocado Toast Recipe.

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